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Studio Curriculum

As an Academic institution we try to engage in urgent spatial and social issues in order to make positive impact, since our key values are: Act Conscious, Get Dirty and Add Value. These complex problems (societal, technological, environmental, cultural and other challenges) are defined in five research themes: Inclusivity, Climate Adaptation, Sustainability, Livability, the Long Now. The 6th is defined by the students ‘Affordability’.

The Academy has a long-term research vision and aims at gradually building a relevant to the key societal, architectural and spatial issues body of knowledge. The Academy has six research themes discussed above are going to be approached and systematically analyzed during the next six academic years. Each year, one design studio focuses on one research theme (x), while the other design studio and the research studio focus on another research topic (y). After three years, there is a swap (in our example, a design studio focuses on (y) and the other design studio and research studio focus on (x)). In this way, all the research themes are experienced by a student during his three years of study and also all of them are once approached within the context of a research studio.

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